Here is our hero criteria:

Who: Young person, up to 30, with additional support needs and resident in Scotland at the time of the incident

What (action): took action in exceptional circumstances, knew what to do and did it well

How (demeanor):�� did not panic, kept calm in crisis/emergency/under huge pressure

Outcome (against all the odds): something remarkable happened as a result of the heroic act e.g. saved a life?

When: the event happened within 12 months of the closing date of the application (ie. 1 Jan – 31 Dec 2014)

Why: specify how and why your hero was able to carry out this achievement

For example in Annie’s case: innate bravery, trained by The New School and having the confidence to do what was required.

Here is our definition of additional support needs: a very wide range of factors may lead to children and young people having a need for additional support. These factors fall broadly into four overlapping themes: learning environment, family circumstances, disability or health themes and social and emotional factors.

We have tried to make our Nomination form as easy as possible to fill in, but if you need some help then either download our Guidance notes or just call The New School (or both) and they will be happy to help you.

Call The New School, Butterstone if you need help with the nomination forms on 01350 724216

Thank you for nominating your hero and GOOD LUCK!

"A hero can be audacious, brave or courageous.  However, most often recognition of heroism comes with a proven ability to think clearly and do the right thing in pressurised or emergency situations. When a young person has the added pressure of additional support needs, then such conduct is even more remarkable. I feel privileged to be involved with providing appropriate recognition through TADHA."

  Lieutenant Colonel Rob Heatly MBE